Dog Training

Dog training based in Milton Keynes and Northampton

  • Does your dog or puppy pull on the lead?
  • Would you like your dog to come back when called?
  • Does your dog or puppy ignore you when you ask them to do something?
  • Would you like people to complement on your dog or puppies good manners?
  • Classes and 1-2-1 training sessions focus on everyday good behaviour so that you are able to relax and enjoy your companion whether you are out and about or in the home.
1-2-1 Training Sessions - £40

In your own home or on local walks to focus on whatever your training needs are.

Puppy Classes - £120

6 week course covering all the essentials plus much much more!

Recall Workshop - £40

Detailed 3 hour workshop, creating strong foundations to get your dog to come back when called.

Behaviour Consultation - £289

For the more serious problems such as aggression towards other dogs or people, resource guarding, fears and separation issues.