Who We Are?

Our Mission

To provide a professional and friendly pet care service in and around Hanslope.

Ensuring we meet the needs of your pets in every possible way. We are animal first aid trained and big fans of CPD. Keeping our knowledge up to date  with regards to animal welfare, training and behaviour. So owners can relax, knowing their pets are in good hands.

Meet The Team

Wayne Driver - Dog Walker

I have lived with dogs my whole life, but spend most of my career in cheffing.  I joined the team 3 years ago and now spend my days doing what I love most! 

I have attended seminars in dog behaviour and body language, animal fist aid and continue to expand my knowledge in anything and everything relating to dogs!

My favourite breed of dog is the goofy Boxer!
I have owned many over the years and hope to have another one someday soon

Jayde Smith - Trainer/behaviourist

I have lived with dogs from the day I was born! I’ve always had a keen interest in animals from a very young age and knew I wanted to work with them. I now have 16 years of experience working with animals. I completed a BETEC National Diploma in Animal Management, BSc Hons in Applied Animal Studies (specialising in veterinary health and animal behaviour) and have fully qualified as a canine hydrotherapist. 

I am currently working part time as a bio detection dog trainer for the Medical Detection Dogs and spend the rest of my time helping pet owners with all kinds of training and behaviour issues.

Full Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK